Affordable Imaging for Life


Sorin Marcovici, CEO and President
Sorin Marcovici joined XLV Diagnostics Inc. in 2012 and brings many years of senior corporate business development experience and innovative technical leadership in multi-modality medical imaging, x-ray detectors, digital radiology and electronics. Until 2011, he was the Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Analogic Corporation, a worldwide recognized leader in medical imaging instrumentation based in Peabody, U.S.A. Marcovici was also the President of Anrad Corporation, located in St. Laurent, QC. He is an IEEE Life Fellow.


Vlad Sukhovatkin, CTO
Vlad Sukhovatkin, M. Sc., MBA, Chief Technical Officer, is responsible for all aspects of science and physics embodied within XLV technologies and product development, for coordinating regulatory approvals’ process, for overseeing clinical imaging activities, and for launching manufacturing. Vlad was prior Senior Research Associate with The Edward S. Rogers Sr. Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Toronto and the Founder and Principal Scientist of several high-tech start-ups.


Peter Oakham, BaSc, Chief Engineer
Peter Oakham is responsible for leading the engineering team to conceive, design, engineer, test and validate the machines, to prepare the manufacturing documentation, and to support all technical activities related to regulatory certifications. He brings many years of experience in development and strong technical leadership in running complex projects. Peter was a significant contributor as part of the original X-ray Light Valve (XLV) research team at Sunnybrook Research Institute in Toronto.  After that he was a member of the senior engineering staff at Waters Corp in the United Kingdom.