Affordable Imaging for Life


Vision: To provide millions of women in developing countries with broad access to screening for early breast cancer detection.

Mission: To develop and commercialize the X-ray Light Valve (XLV) technology pioneered and patented by Professor John Rowlands, initially at the Sunnybrook Research Institute in Toronto and later at the Thunder Bay Regional Research Institute where he was also founding scientific director. XLV Diagnostics Inc.’s first product is a low cost, digital mammography machine.

XLV Diagnostics Inc. was founded in June 2011 by four leading Ontario organizations:

  • Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (OICR)
  • Thunder Bay Regional Research Institute (TBRRI)
  • Sunnybrook Research Institute (SRI)
  • MaRS Innovation (MI)

The company has benefited from its beginning by the financial support of the Ontario Provincial Government and Canadian Federal Government agencies for Northern Ontario.

XLV Diagnostics’ strong collaborative relationship with and proximity to Thunder Bay Regional Research Institute and its associated Health Science Center foster continuous innovation in adapting mature yet inexpensive technologies used in consumer electronic products, ultimately translating them into medical imaging devices with high clinical performance at very affordable prices.

XLV Diagnostics’ requirements for advanced electronic, mechanic, and software sub-systems will be in part satisfied by Thunder Bay-based enterprises that are also evolving, forming a cluster of state-of-the-art companies that will together develop various sub-systems for medical imaging applications.

Following the successful market introduction of XLV-based digital mammography machines, we plan to expand our medical imaging products by developing and offering affordable digital chest radiography machines with superior performance.